Sasuke 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

Sasuke Season is Here!

When is it on?
December 28th, 2021 @ 6:00pm Japan Time

9:00am GMT

4:00am ET / 3:00am CT / 2:00am MT / 1:00am PT

How Long Is It?

This seasons has a runtime of FIVE HOURS! That makes it one of the longest tournaments in the series.

Who is Competing?
You can see the full list here: TBS Website

Lineup Highlights:

  • Reigning champion Yusuke Morimoto is predictably #100
  • Many notable veterans have returned, including:
    • #1 Torisawa Katsuhide
    • #9 Saikawa Koji
    • #10 KAREN
    • #34 Matsuda Daisuke
    • #41 Jackie Chan
    • #50 Yamamoto Yoshiyuki
    • #59 Hioki Masashi
    • #75 Nagasaki Shunsuke
    • #76 Kanno Hitoshi
    • #89 Ryo Matachi
    • #92 Yamamoto Shingo
    • #96 Yamada Katsumi
    • #97 Darvish Kenji
    • #99 Yuji Urushihara
  • The following competitors did not return:
    • Previous Champion Makoto Nagano (may return in 2022)
    • Parkour Athlete Sato Jun (injury)
    • All Star Takeda Toshihiro (injury, but rumors are he has retired
  • Newcomers to Watch:
    • #7 “Wall fairy” Boru Neesan, a character mascot
    • #14 Goto Yusuke, a superfan working in forestry
    • #26 Ando Miki, pro figure skater
    • #43 Tatsumasa Murasame, a popular fitness celebrity appearing on several NHK shows
      #52 Yoshiyuki Ogata, winner of Bouldering in the 2021 IFSC World Cup
    • #54 Michael Kaeda, an American actor living in Japan, who previously completed a Ninja course on “KuroOvi”
    • #73 Kimoto Takafumi, a Parkour Athlete who has competed with Sato Jun
    • #93 Ikeda Yudai, a world class climber

Where Can I Watch?
We will be posting a stream shortly before broadcast, please stay tuned for more information.

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