Ninja Park – 4th Location announced

Over the last few years former Sasuke and Banzuke Producer Ushio Higuchi has made a lucrative business running theme parks.

This venture started during the 2000s with his like of “Muscle Park” locations. These have since closed, but following a pilot with popular YouTube channel Fischer’s in 2018, his company GoldEggs has gotten back into the theme park business, offering other services like sports training and Monster box competitions.

The first park opened in 2019, with a second location opening in 2020.

It seems these are doing well, as a 3rd location opened in August 2021, even getting promoted on the TBS program “King’s Brunch”.

This week, it was announced a fourth location will open in Musashiurawa on December 4th, 2021. It seems these parks are doing very well, so hopefully that momentum continues!

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