Sasuke Daily Youtube Roundup – November 25th, 2021

Now that Sasuke Season is in full year, TBS is on a sprint with posts about the show. I won’t always cover each in full detail, but I will try:

Competitor Profiles – #1 – #5

This year, TBS seems to be bundling the profiles into larger videos instead of one at a time. I don’t mind this at all.
This session we have:

#1, Katsuhide Torisawa (鳥澤克秀). He’s competed 21 times and is now an honorary “Joke” Competitor.

#2 Kyohei Oshita (大舌恭平), a legendary Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete

#3 & #4 Takeru (たける) & Shogo (ショーゴ), a popular comedian duo know as Tokyo Hoteison (東京ホテイソン). Despite being comedians, they have an athletics background with Shogo doing extensive muscle training, and Takeru being a golfer.

#5 Yoshihisa Kobayashi (小林よしひさ). Previously competing in SASUKE 38 but failing on Quad Steps, he is back for revenge. He is most notable for taking over ninja legend Hiromichi Sato’s role at the NHK in their gymnastics programs after Sato retired.

Competitor Spotlight – #30 HIKAKIN

A popular youtuber who is on the show this year. I’ve already seen a ton of excitement around him, especially after he recently appeared on the Chronos series of gameshows. Between all of his channels he has a whopping 20 million subscribers and 15 billion views. He is sure to draw new fans to Sasuke.

Shorts – Morimoto talks to Nagano

TBS has been posting lots of shorts recently, and the last few have been Q&A sessions with reigning #100 Yusuke Morimoto

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