UPDATE: Taiiku Kai #253

So, a week ago TBS announced the new episode of Taiiku Kai, but since then a lot of weird things have been happening with it.

Firstly, they did not release a synopsis, even with less than 48 hours until broadcast. They also deleted the trailer only to reupload a nearly identical one.

Then this morning, it was removed from the schedule. So what’s going on?

Right now the finals of the Japan Series is underway. (Japan’s equivalent of the MLB World Series). The current score is 3-2, which means they’re going to a Game 6. As it turns out, TBS owns the broadcast rights for Game 6 of the series and so they were forced to remove Taiiku Kai from the schedule with less than 48 hours notice.

It is currently unclear if this episode will be skipped, postponed, or released online only. I’ll be sure to update everyone once we have more information.

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