Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup -November 27th, 2021

The Rampage from Exile Tribe step up their skills

In today’s first video, we see one of the regular Sasuke groups, The Rampage from Exile Tribe, getting ready for this season. The group consists of #56 Zin (陣), #57 Urukawa Shohei (浦川翔平) and #58 Takechi Kaisei (武知海青). Despite being celebrities this group has done relatively well, with two of the 3 making Dragon Glider in Sasuke 37, and again in 38. During their video today, they are shown training with #98 Tmohiro Kawaguchi (川口朋広) on the Matsuda course. They practive the Dragon Glider, Warped Wall and Fishbone to good results. They also said during this video that they believe if they can pass Dragon Glider, they could get all the way to Stage 3.

Bandai’s Sasuke Fanclub is Strong as Ever

In today’s second video, we see Bandai employee #13 Honma Takashi (本間隆史). He runs a Sasuke fanclub with other Bandai employees and has always had mascots from Tamagochi and Pac-Man on the sidelines with him. Honma rose to extreme notoriety after his Sasuke 38 run, where his absurd Dragon Glider fail rose to become one of the most iconic fails in franchise history. Due to this growing respect, Bandai and TBS created their own 5 Stage course called “World Animal Adventure” that aired on current Banzuke iteration “Taiiku Kai TV” in November 2021.

In this video, we can see him getting prepared for another Sasuke run, and talking about his journey and preparation for the show.

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