Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup – November 28th, 2021

Nishida Hurries to Train for Sasuke

#65 Nishida (ニシダ) got a surprise as a fan of Sasuke, and in this video is shown rushing to a local gym. The trainer asks what his goals are, and he responds “I made it on Sasuke, so I need you to help me prepare”. Nishida already had some basic strength, but will be training relentlessly to prepare for his shot on this course this season.

Sugeta Rinne show off his Routine

Last season, #20 Sugeta Rinne (菅田 琳寧) broke onto the scene by making Stage 2 in his debut tournament. This season, he is back for a second go alongside other members of talent group Johnny’s Jr, and shows off his training routine.

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