SASUKE 39 Pre-show – Birth Day (ZONE)

It is Sasuke season and the first pre-show of the year is coming up!

It will air on December 11th @ 17:00 JST Time.

This works out to:

3am ET
2am CT
1am MT
12am PT
8am GMT

This preshow is occurring on the TBS program “Birth Day”. Birth Day as a program is notable as it is the current version of a Documentary series that spun off of the 90s series “ZONE”. In the past, ZONE was produced by Sasuke creator Ushio Higuchi had aired 14 episodes based on Sasuke in the past. These episodes are used to promote tournaments and show extended fluff pieces on competitors. ZONE ended way back in 2004, and Birth Day began in 2005, but since Higuchi was no longer involved, it stopped covering Sasuke content….. until now.

In our first Sasuke episode of birthday, we’ll be getting a behind the scenes look at the Sasuke 39 journey’s of two prominent competitors:

Previous champion Morimoto Yusuke (#100), and chart-topping artist Iwamoto Hikaru (#88)

Look forward to this episode!

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