Sasuke 39 Preshow – Dosukoi

Just like that, a second preshow has been announced! A local network in Yamagata Prefecture is releasing a piece on Tada Tatsuya (#91) and his journey through Sasuke, as he is a local celebrity in that area of Japan. It will air on December 15th in Yamagata, but then be released online on TVer forContinue reading “Sasuke 39 Preshow – Dosukoi”

Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup – November 28th, 2021

Nishida Hurries to Train for Sasuke #65 Nishida (ニシダ) got a surprise as a fan of Sasuke, and in this video is shown rushing to a local gym. The trainer asks what his goals are, and he responds “I made it on Sasuke, so I need you to help me prepare”. Nishida already had someContinue reading “Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup – November 28th, 2021”

Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup -November 27th, 2021

The Rampage from Exile Tribe step up their skills In today’s first video, we see one of the regular Sasuke groups, The Rampage from Exile Tribe, getting ready for this season. The group consists of #56 Zin (陣), #57 Urukawa Shohei (浦川翔平) and #58 Takechi Kaisei (武知海青). Despite being celebrities this group has done relativelyContinue reading “Sasuke Daily YouTube Roundup -November 27th, 2021”

Sasuke Daily Youtube Roundup – November 26th, 2021

Fuwa Takes on Matsuda’s Course Today we see #48 Fuwa-chan (フワちゃん) over at the home of #36 Daisuke Matsuda. Fuwa is a popular YouTuber who has broken into the Japanese television scene over the last two years. In April 2021, she was announced as a new lead host on the current iteration on Banzuke, calledContinue reading “Sasuke Daily Youtube Roundup – November 26th, 2021”

Sasuke Daily Youtube Roundup – November 25th, 2021

Now that Sasuke Season is in full year, TBS is on a sprint with posts about the show. I won’t always cover each in full detail, but I will try: Competitor Profiles – #1 – #5 This year, TBS seems to be bundling the profiles into larger videos instead of one at a time. IContinue reading “Sasuke Daily Youtube Roundup – November 25th, 2021”